The Olympia Collection

‘Olympia’ collection, by Horizon Athletic incorporates Gold, Silver and Bronze stripes and circle designs referencing Olympic medallions.

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Australia is surrounded by the Ocean, and population density is focused at the junctions between land and sea. We appreciate our horizon, an engagement with the environment is part of the life of every sport lover who enjoys the outdoors and we hope that we can contribute to improving the declining eco-system.

‘Olympia’ is an ode to the first ever perfect 10.0 score achieved in gymnastics by Nadia Comaneci. In 1976 after 14 years old Nadia brought ‘perfection’ to Montreal Olympic Games.

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Ethically Australian Designed and Made using recycled quality Italian fabrics

We have mindfully created Horizon to reflect this love and respect for the environment as a whole and to tackle and raise awareness of the issues facing our planet, one of which is the enormous amount of plastic waste in our Oceans. ‘Leading environmentalists see the end of most sea life happening within the next 6 - 16 years’ (Parley for the Oceans). A shocking statistic demonstrating one of the dramatic effects of pollution. Our women's activewear and swim range is made with Econyl®, a recyled fibre made from abandoned fishing nets and other post consumer waste.

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