Topography Collection

Mining inspiration from the varying contours of the body and the Earth’s natural landscapes, this collection refers to cartographic relief depiction techniques, including; contour lines, hypsometric tints, and relief shading. The term topography means the recording of relief or terrain, the three-dimensional quality of the surface, and the identification of specific landforms.

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Topography collection is created in a tactile, soft fabric which follows the natural morphology of the contours of the body, offering maximal comfort and easy mobility. Topography collection is made from 78% recycled polyester and 22% elastane, the fabrics are produced and sourced in Italy.

T o p o g r a p h y

Each item is named after a Swiss glacier in order raise awareness of the on-going issue of glacial recession will have a huge impact on the natural environment. The collection features names such as ‘Alestch’ referring to the largest glacier in the Alps that has now been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Other names are: Matterhorn, Rhône, Zinal, Arolla, Gauli, Saleina, Basòdino, Corbassière, Zmutt, Allalin, Silvretta, Vadret.

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Ethically Produced Designed and Made using recycled quality Italian fabrics

We have mindfully created Horizon to reflect this love and respect for the environment as a whole and to tackle and raise awareness of the issues facing our planet The Earth’s glaciers have been silently retreating for more than half a century as climate change marches on. There is no place on the planet — except south-east Asia — capable of withstanding the effects of a phenomenon that has melted more than 9.6 billion tonnes of glacial ice in the world since 1961. According to a 2019 satellite study by the University of Zurich (Switzerland), global warming threatens to evaporate over a third of all glaciers by 2100, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

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